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Saint Code The Lost 2 proof

The Lost (Saint Code Book 1)

Megan Mackie

The cybernetic revolution was inevitable. Nothing else changed.

For St. Augustina, a cyber-spy for hire, life has been a series of endless nights in the heart of the Data Bowl, the cybernetic city of corporate markets and submarkets. She wasn’t expecting a typical job from the mysterious Orange Lady to be any different.

She was wrong.

From fighting Neo-ninjas to singing in a lounge act, the job turns out to be anything but typical. But as she comes closer and closer to her goals, the attacks grow more personal…and deadly. Caught in a web of betrayals both new and old, St Augustina fights to untangle the facts and discover who’s after her.

Will she lose her life or gain her freedom?

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Tomorrow's Memories 6x9

Tomorrow’s Memories (Eternal Cycle Book 2)

Danielle Ackley-McPhail


With triumph heavy on their hearts, Kara O’Keefe and the survivors from the battle atop Yesterday’s Dreams rush to Ireland and Tír na nÓg, carrying with them a weapon feared by gods and men. There they seek solace and healing for their warriors, and a miracle for Patrick, Kara’s father, mortally wounded in the battle.

What they find is a siege of ancient enemies. Carmán’s children have returned, united with a foe from the very dawn of the Tuatha de Danaan. Their combined forces threaten to be more than the immortal Sidhe and their human allies can combat.

Still coming to grips with her magical heritage, Kara must once m

ore face ultimate evil and help to save the immortal bloodline from which she is descended.

Today's Promise 6x9

Today’s Promise (Eternal Cycle Book 3)

Danielle Ackley-McPhail


Never before had Kara O’Keefe had cause to doubt in any of these, and yet she was now called to defend all three or lose them for all time.

Though the Battle of the Knock was counted a victory, the war–as they say–was not won. Carman’s Children have resurfaced after millennia and have reunited against their common foe once more. These adversaries from the ancient history of the Tuatha de Danaan have one goal: dominate all. Kara and the Sidhe Fianna must find a way to end this threat forever or find themselves and all humanity shackled to the will of evil demigods.

As this journey of self-discovery comes to an end, will Kara find herself and retain her freedom, or will all be lost for eternity?

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eSpec Books is proud to announce that Jack Campbell’s The Sister Paradox has won the 2018 EPIC eBook Award for the Young Readers category. Congratulations to the author for this well-deserved award. For a complete list of the winners visit the EPIC website.

Sister Paradox web

We are also proud to announce that the cover for Danielle Ackley-McPhail’s Yesterday’s Dreams, with art by L.W. Perkins and Christina Yoder, has won the 2018 EPIC Ariana Award for Fantasy cover art. Again, ladies, congratulations for a well-deserved win. For a complete list of the winners visit the EPIC website.




eSpec Books is proud to announce that the following books are finalists for the 2018 EPIC Award:

The Sister Paradox by Jack Campbell (YA)

POST by Brenda Cooper (Science Fiction)

Yesterday’s Dreams by Danielle Ackley-McPhail (Fantasy)

For a complete list of finalists visit the EPIC website.


We are also proud to announce two finalists for the 2018 Ariana Award:

The Sister Paradox, art by Richard Clark

Yesterday’s Dreams, art by L.W. Perkins and Christina Yoder

For a complete list of finalists visit the EPIC website.




eSpec Books interviews Danielle Ackley-McPhail, contributor and editor of The Best of Bad-Ass Faeries.


eSB: What is your idea of a bad-ass faerie?

DAM: All of them. The thing about fae is that they are different from us in their abilities, in their perception and if you pay attention to the legends, they are ALL bad-ass at their core, regardless of what the exterior might look like. You tread lightly when they fae might be around. You behave respectfully. Or you get the hell out of there, because consequences are dire when you anger them. Or even if you don’t.

eSB: Can you tell us a little about your story, “Within the Guardian Bell”, that was selected for The Best of Bad-Ass Faeries?

baf2-web2x3DAM: “Within the Guardia Bell” is actually the second story in my Wild Hunt MC universe. It was written for Just Plain Bad, the second anthology in the series, and in that collection all the bad guys had to be faeries. You could have good faeries in the story, but the main faerie had to be bad and bad-ass. I should mention that my stories are all about biker faeries. When I think of bikers I think about how it is them against the road, so in the story that translated literally. See, many of the first biker gangs were retired military, air force in particular, finding it hard to reintegrate into society, so they started their own fringe society that went by the rules they were familiar with. In the air force, if something goes wrong with the plane it is gremlins. When the pilots became bikers, the gremlins came along for the ride…as road gremlins. You can see this in any bike shop you walk into, often on the counter they sell little pewter bells with a card explaining the legend of the road gremlin and how the bell protects the biker from this menace. So you see, the foundation of my story was waiting for me before I even started typing the keys.

gremlinsIn “Within the Guardian Bell” we meet Smear, a gremlin that is the road, and he’s been told to target Lance Cosain, leader of the Wild Hunt MC. I won’t tell you anymore because I want you to enjoy it for yourself, but I will say…Smear has become something of a fan favorite, for all that he’s a nasty piece of work. (art by Linda Saboe,

I will also let you in on a secret…my story isn’t the only one Smear appears in in the book.

eSB: What would your fae character’s signature drink be and why?

 DAM: hmmm…if we’re talking Lance…chocolate milk, because one facet of the fae is mischief and Lance loves to steal his cousin’s chocolate milk. If we’re talking Smear…blood with a side of road grit, of course.

eSB: What do you like most about The Bad-Ass Faeries series, and why?

DAM: What I like the most is that no matter if the stories are silly or grim, it is clear that each and every author had fun with writing to the theme. And when they authors have fun with it, invariably the readers do as well.

eSB: What kind of challenges did you find writing for this series?

DAM: For me, not much. I knew what I wanted to write the moment we came up with the idea and I’ve stuck with it ever since.

eSB: What is your first recollection of faeries growing up?

DAM: Truth? My parents used to work night shift at a record plant. I was five at the time and didn’t quite understand being quiet when the sun was up so they could sleep. One of the tricks they used to get me on board was telling me there was a little man living in the vent and I had to be quiet so I didn’t wake him up.

Well…they convinced me too well. I started leaving food out for him. They adapted quickly, though…they made sure to leave the door open so the dogs could sneak in behind us and eat the food so I didn’t clue to the fact that the little man was a faerie tale 😉

eSB: What interested you in writing for this series?

DAM: LOL…I had to. It was in part my idea 😉 I would have anyway way, though, because, man…this has been fun! I love the challenge of writing to a theme and this one has been amazing.

eSB: Tell us something about yourself that is bad-ass.

DAM: I am a pirate princess! On my Mom’s side I am related to Captain Kidd; on my Dad’s, I am related to Grace Kelley.

eSB: Do you have any plans to expand your story…or write in the same universe? If so, what more can your readers expect?

halflingscourt-2x3DAM: I have two novels already in my Wild Hunt MC universe, The Halfling’s Court and The Redcaps’ Queen. The Halfling’s Court follows the story of Lance Cosain, half human, half fae. As Lance gains RedcapsQueen 2x3.jpgpower as leader of the Wild Hunt, the Fae Court consider him a threat and try to take him out. The Redcaps’ Queen follows the story of Lance’s lady, Suzanne, full fae and former member of the Fae Court. Dealing with PTSD caused by an attack by redcaps, Suzanne takes up roller derby for therapeutic reasons. They are based on my stories that appeared in the Bad-Ass Faeries anthologies. There is at least one more novel in the works called The High King’s Fool.

eSB: What are some of your own works readers can look for?

yesterdays-dreams-2x3DAM: My novel, Yesterday’s Dreams (Eternal Cycle Book 1), and my short story collections, Consigned to the Sea and Legacy of Stars, have just been re-released by Paper Phoenix Press. The rest of my novels are currently out of print, but will be coming out from Paper Phoenix as well.

eSB: What projects of your own do you have coming up?

DAM: Right now I am working on a short story, “Out of the Darkness”, for the collection If We Had Known (Beyond the Cradle Book 1). I am also working on a spin-off novella, Eternal Wanderings, based on my Eternal Cycle series.

eSB: How can readers find out more about you? 

DAM: My website is


Award-winning author and editor Danielle Ackley-McPhail has worked both sides of the publishing industry for longer than she cares to admit. In 2014 she joined forces with husband Mike McPhail and friend Greg Schauer to form her own publishing house, eSpec Books (  

Her published works include six novels, Yesterday’s Dreams, Tomorrow’s Memories, Today’s Promise, The Halfling’s Court, The Redcaps’ Queen, and Baba Ali and the Clockwork Djinn, written with Day Al-Mohamed. She is also the author of the solo collections A Legacy of Stars, Consigned to the Sea, Flash in the Can, and Transcendence, the non-fiction writers’ guide, The Literary Handyman, and is the senior editor of the Bad-Ass Faeries anthology series, Gaslight & Grimm, Dragon’s Lure, and In an Iron Cage. Her short stories are included in numerous other anthologies and collections.


Facebook –

Twitter – @DMcPhail, @BadAssFaeries, @TheHornieLady

Goodreads –

Amazon Author Page –


eSpec Books interviews Danielle Ackley-McPhail publisher of The Weird Wild West edited by Misty Massey, Emily Lavin Leverett, and Margaret McGraw. Check out our Kickstarter campaign at

medieval wood sign board isolated

What is your favorite western movie and why? You know, for me it isn’t a movie, though there are plenty of those that are really good. For me it was a TV show: Kung Fu, not only a western in the finest tradition, but thanks to the mystical aspects a bona fide Weird Wild Western! You had all the trademark elements of the frontier life, but also the unique flare of Shaolin mysticism and Asian culture. The fighting was a mix of kung fu and good old fashion gunfight/bar brawl, and the messages have stayed with me for a lifetime.

What does the wild frontier mean to you? The Wild West is a proving ground. An untamed land that tests a person’s soul and mines it to discover what they are made of, often when they don’t even know themselves. You either come out of the wild frontier strong or you come out broken…presuming you even come out alive.

Who would you say is your wild west role model and why? LOL…I think most people would say Calamity Jane 😉 I gets into trouble, but I also gets out again.

What is your favorite spec fic/western mash-up? You know, again I have to say Kung Fu. Between the grittiness of the old west and the mysticism of the Shaolin there were a lot of fantastic things in that series, not to mention a lot of worthwhile lessons. There’s definitely an element of camp to it, but the show stuck with me and brought me back week after week. It’s one of the few shows where the complete box set sits on my shelf.

Which Wild West archetype (Gambler, Outlaw, Saloon Girl, School Marm, Railroad Man, Pioneer, Cowboy, Lawman or Indian) would you chose to be and why? You know, I think I would have to be the prospector…mining literary gold every chance I get, seeing the potential in things and sometimes getting carried away in pursuing that dream. Yes, sometimes I’m worn out, sometimes I’m grungy, and sometimes that claim fizzles out instead of producing the mother lode, but there’s always a dream right behind that one.

Have you written/created anything else in a weird western vein? Please tell us about it. A while back I edited a collection called In an Iron Cage: The Magic of Steampunk. I knew I wanted some variety in the collection so I wrote a piece of my own that took place in the old west. On the Wings of an Angel was meant to be a piece about an early photographer literally stealing souls with his new-fangled camera. Instead it turned into a redemption story for an almost soiled-dove. I don’t want to say much more, because that would be telling, but it was a lot of fun to write and even more fun to read aloud.

What are some of your own works readers can look for? I write a wide range of things so there is quite a variety to check out. My novels are mostly urban fantasy. The Eternal Cycle Trilogy (Yesterday’s Dreams, Tomorrow’s Memories, and Today’s Promise) is basically Irish elves in New York City fighting evil demigods…to start, anyway; The Bad-Ass Faerie Tale novels (The Halfling’s Court and The Redcaps’ Queen) are biker faeries taking on the forces of faerie land; and Baba Ali and the Clockwork Djinn is a steampunk retelling of Ali Baba an the Forty Thieves. Everything else I’ve published is short fiction and there is way too much to go into here so best to check them out my site at

What projects of your own do you have coming up? Right now I’m writing a spin-off series to the Eternal Cycle trilogy. The first book is called Eternal Wanderings and it follows Kara O’Keefe as she seeks out her purpose in her now-immortal life. I’m also working on Daire’s Devils, a military science fiction novel, and Kantasi, an unconventional vampire novel.

How can readers find out more about you? A websearch on “Ackley-McPhail” turns up loads of stuff! Plus there is my website ( or most social media platforms.


Award-winning author Danielle Ackley-McPhail has worked both sides of the publishing industry for longer than she cares to admit. Currently, she is a project editor and promotions manager for Dark Quest Books and has started her own press, eSpec Books.

Her published works include five urban fantasy novels, Yesterday’s Dreams, Tomorrow’s Memories, Today’s Promise, The Halfling’s Court: and The Redcaps’ Queen: A Bad-Ass Faerie Tale, and a young adult Steampunk novel, Baba Ali and the Clockwork Djinn, written with Day Al-Mohamed. She is also the author of the solo science fiction collection, A Legacy of Stars, the non-fiction writers’ guide, The Literary Handyman, and is the senior editor of the Bad-Ass Faeries anthology series, Dragon’s Lure, and In an Iron Cage. Her work is included in numerous other anthologies and collections.

She is a member of the Garden State Speculative Fiction Writers, the New Jersey Authors Network, and Broad Universe, a writer’s organization focusing on promoting the works of women authors in the speculative genres.

Danielle lives in New Jersey with husband and fellow writer, Mike McPhail, mother-in-law Teresa, and three extremely spoiled cats. To learn more visit,, or




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