“I Am the Lightning Flashing and Streaking!”

Beneath the stars or flying up among them, the Ga’an dance a deadly dance. Apache Devil Dancers take to the skies to defeat the ruthless Gulo, an alien race bent on the destruction of humanity. Led by Captain Victorio “Tomorrow’s Wind” Nantan, the 3rd Sol fighter Wing follows a long tradition, adapting the dance to make them an ace squadron, but will it be enough?

It is hard to hold faith in the face of a never-ending foe, when life and limb are sacrificed with no end anyone wants to see in sight. But Captain Victory comes from a long line of fierce warriors and he is more than ready to take the fight to the enemy.

Join us for seven action-packed tales of Robert E. Waters’ Devil Dancers.

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Dead Bear Witness-6x9

A chronicle of survival in a world of the living dead.
There is no Heaven or Hell; there is only blood and the dust of flesh.

Sentenced to life after a bank robbery gone bad, Cornell thought his worst nightmare had come true—and that he deserved it. After a stint in solitary, though, he learned his nightmare had only started: While Cornell rotted in isolation, all around the world the dead had returned to life.

Inside the prison walls, Cornell should’ve been well protected.

He didn’t reckon on the stone-cold killer who demanded his help breaking out, nor the fanatic warden who forced him to help “save the souls” of other prisoners. He didn’t count on being snared in a web of lies, violence, and betrayal. He didn’t expect his survival to depend on fighting his way back to freedom before the eyes of the watchful dead. Now as nooses sway over the prison yard, Cornell can almost feel one tightening around his neck, and freedom seems so far away….

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What woman doesn’t dream of a young, handsome stranger sweeping her off her feet?


She gave up on such nonsense long ago.

Old, homeless, and unwanted by society, such faerie tales seemed beyond impossible for her. So when a young, handsome stranger, more child than man, asks her to come home with him, she knew he could only mean her harm, but who cared? She was tired of living anyway.

But instead of finding her death, Margaret learns that nothing in her savior’s world is what it seems, including herself.

Why would someone young enough to be her grandson be interested in her? And when would he drop his pleasant façade to reveal the darkness she expected beneath?

New hope struggles with old suspicion as demons from Margaret’s past come to call.

After all, was it really possible to get a second chance at life?

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We haven’t had one of these in a while. Releasing tomorrow, Down on the Playground by Jeffrey Lyman, one of the authors in our eSpec eShorts series of releases.



Elsi fears for her own sanity as she comes to grips with horrors both seen and unseen. How much of what she faces is in her own mind and how much of that will it take to destroy her? Some forces are better left alone, but Elsi isn’t given a choice. Sometimes you have to stare into the face of madness to find your own strength.


Elsi Latchka curled up at the head of her assigned bed, knees drawn up, headphones on, Iron Maiden loud, eyes closed. Not moving. Hoping her cocoon of darkness and white noise would hold. But no matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t drown out the uneasy chattering of the dead. The voices grew louder every day while the doctors purged her system of old medications.

She hated the drugs and hated that she needed them, but she desperately hoped the doctors would find a new, working combination soon so she could go home. She had voluntarily come to the hospital after freaking out at work, but she didn’t like being here longer than she had to.

She was twenty-five, with deep-set eyes and a shock of black hair that betrayed her Slavic ancestry. During the last five years of being in and out of hospitals, Elsi had vacillated between believing in ghosts and believing they were paranoid hallucinations. She was perfectly sane when she was on her drugs. She could hold down a job and keep an apartment. When the drugs inevitably lost their efficacy, she saw and felt things no one else did, thing that could see her back. Then she didn’t believe they were hallucinations. Every night she stared at the ceiling in the dark and told herself it wasn’t real.