small_dodo_transparentThe next round of conventions is about to hit. Myself, Mike McPhail, and Christine Norris will be at the Collingswood Book Festival in Collingswood, NJ this Saturday. But our next convention is Capclave in Rockville, MD on October 18-20. An intimate comfortable show where the focus is reading, literature, and the business of publishing.

eSpec, of course, will have a presence in the dealer’s room, as well as on programming.

Our attending authors are:

You can access their schedules by clicking on the above links and then clicking on the link next to their bio on the Capclave site. Please be sure to come by and say hi if you are there. It is the perfect time to get your books signed or to ask us your questions. There is a Meet the Pros event scheduled, and, as the convention is rather informal, most of us tend to hang out and chat in the public spaces in between responsibilities.

For those not attending Capclave, Misty Massey will be at  The Palmetto Pirate Festival in Moncks Corner, SC on October 12 and at MultiverseCon in Atlanta, Georgia October 18-20, along with John Hartness!

If you are at any of those shows, please come be social!




Hiatus is over and we are gearing up for our fall events.

For those attending Capclave (www.capclave.org), I hope you will take this opportunity to connect with us. Here are our current panel schedules:

Danielle Ackley-McPhail

Friday 8 PM-9:50 PM Workshop – Publicizing Your Work
Saturday 5 PM-5:25 PM Reading – Danielle Ackley-McPhail
Saturday 7 PM-7:50 PM Big Authors & Small Press
Sunday 11 AM-11:50 AM Is The Anthology Dead?
Any time I’m not on a panel, you can find me in the dealer’s room or hanging out in the public spaces or game room if the dealer’s room is closed.

Mike McPhail
Friday 6 PM-6:50 PM Ask Authors Anything
Saturday 3 PM-3:50 PM Creating Your Setting
Saturday 5 PM-5:50 PM Building A Spacefaring Civilization