We’ve been bringing out some backlist titles, both our own, and for our authors. The following are our recent releases.

Saint Code The Lost 2 proof

The Lost (Saint Code Book 1)

Megan Mackie

The cybernetic revolution was inevitable. Nothing else changed.

For St. Augustina, a cyber-spy for hire, life has been a series of endless nights in the heart of the Data Bowl, the cybernetic city of corporate markets and submarkets. She wasn’t expecting a typical job from the mysterious Orange Lady to be any different.

She was wrong.

From fighting Neo-ninjas to singing in a lounge act, the job turns out to be anything but typical. But as she comes closer and closer to her goals, the attacks grow more personal…and deadly. Caught in a web of betrayals both new and old, St Augustina fights to untangle the facts and discover who’s after her.

Will she lose her life or gain her freedom?

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Tomorrow's Memories 6x9

Tomorrow’s Memories (Eternal Cycle Book 2)

Danielle Ackley-McPhail


With triumph heavy on their hearts, Kara O’Keefe and the survivors from the battle atop Yesterday’s Dreams rush to Ireland and Tír na nÓg, carrying with them a weapon feared by gods and men. There they seek solace and healing for their warriors, and a miracle for Patrick, Kara’s father, mortally wounded in the battle.

What they find is a siege of ancient enemies. Carmán’s children have returned, united with a foe from the very dawn of the Tuatha de Danaan. Their combined forces threaten to be more than the immortal Sidhe and their human allies can combat.

Still coming to grips with her magical heritage, Kara must once m

ore face ultimate evil and help to save the immortal bloodline from which she is descended.

Today's Promise 6x9

Today’s Promise (Eternal Cycle Book 3)

Danielle Ackley-McPhail


Never before had Kara O’Keefe had cause to doubt in any of these, and yet she was now called to defend all three or lose them for all time.

Though the Battle of the Knock was counted a victory, the war–as they say–was not won. Carman’s Children have resurfaced after millennia and have reunited against their common foe once more. These adversaries from the ancient history of the Tuatha de Danaan have one goal: dominate all. Kara and the Sidhe Fianna must find a way to end this threat forever or find themselves and all humanity shackled to the will of evil demigods.

As this journey of self-discovery comes to an end, will Kara find herself and retain her freedom, or will all be lost for eternity?

Related books: Yesterday’s Dreams (Eternal Cycle Book 1), Eternal Wandering (Eternal Wanderings Book 1)


Are you a fan of The Clockwork Witch? Have we got a treat for you! Death’s Embrace, by Michelle D. Sonnier, is a brand-new prequel novella set in the Clockwork Witch universe.

Cover Design: Mike McPhail, McP Digital Graphics, Cover Image: Vladimir Sazonov


There is no aspect of life that magic does not touch, including death.

Raised to follow in her mother’s footsteps, groomed to be a proper hedgewitch, Macaria longs to blossom and bloom both into womanhood and her magic. But deep inside, doubts have begun to take root.

During a springtime ritual meant to ensure a fruitful growing season, fate conspires to redirect Macaria’s path. Falling victim to ill omen after ill omen, she returns home bloody and bruised to meet her destiny.

With the dawn, and an unfortunate sacrifice, her magic unfurls and her new vocation as a death witch is revealed.

Can Macaria learn to see the beauty in Death?
Or will the Council of Witches force her into its final embrace?

A prequel novella in the universe of The Clockwork Witch

michelle d. sonnier

Michelle D. Sonnier writes dark urban fantasy, steampunk, and anything else that lets her combine the weird and the fantastic in unexpected ways. She even writes horror, although it took her a long time to admit that since she prefers the existential scare over blood and gore. She’s published short stories in a variety of print and online venues and has upcoming projects with eSpec Books and Otter Libris. You can find her on Facebook (Michelle D. Sonnier, The Writer) or at She lives in Maryland with her husband, son, and a variable number of cats. The Clockwork Witch is her first full-length novel.


We are thrilled to announce that several of our authors were recognized in Tangent’s annual Recommended Reading List among some very prestigious company.

To give you the highlights relevant to eSpec Books:

From Footprints in the Stars,
edited by Danielle Ackley-McPhail

“The Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of” by Christopher L. Bennett (Footprints in the Stars, 7/19) SF (VS)

“The Black Box” by James Chambers (Footprints in the Stars, 7/19) SF (VS)

“The Sound of Distant Stars” by Judi Fleming (Footprints in the Stars, 7/19) SF (VS)

From (DTF8) In Harm’s Way, edited by Mike McPhail

“Slingshot” by Aaron Rosenberg (In Harm’s Way, 10/19) SF (TG)

“Medicine Man” by Robert E. Waters (In Harm’s Way, 10/19) SF (TG)

“Sympathetic” by Eric V. Hardenbrook (In Harm’s Way, 10/19) SF (TG)

Heroes of the RealmFrom Heroes of the Realm, edited by Danielle Ackley-McPhail (Published by RealmMakers)

“Hard’s Watcher” by Kerry Nietz (Heroes of the Realm, 7/19) SF (KPH)

“The Brick” by Jeffrey Lyman (Heroes of the Realm, 7/19) SF* (KPH) – One-Star Recommendation


I haven’t done one of these in a while. Life gets in the way and you never know when some kind soul will post a review. Delighted with those that have appeared recently.


Editor Danielle Ackley-McPhail has put together a sweet collection [ . . . ] with, in my opinion, one of the most striking SF covers I’ve seen in many a year [ . . . ] There’s something here to delight any SF reader.

Don Sakers, The Reference Library, Analog


A rather personal kind of story, a mix between urban fantasy and coming-of-age-again story.

Hélène Louise, GoodReads

A good paranormal with an interesting cast of characters and an entertaining plot. I liked the style of writing and the world building. Recommended.

Annarella, GoodReads

Dead Bear Witness-6x9



If you like zombies, this is a novel to read. [ . . . ] It’s an interesting novel that is well written.

Susan, GoodReads


Good morning, my lovelies.

eSpec has two titles currently listed on NetGalley, available for request from anyone with a NetGalley account. They will only be available through the end of December, so don’t miss your chance.

Author Spotlight: Eric Hardenbrook

An Author Spotlight with eSpec author Eric Hardenbrook. Enjoy!

Morgan Hazelwood: Writer In Progress

  • a fan, an author and an artist, usually in that order.

Readers! Let’s give a good hearty welcome to Eric Hardenbrook.

Image may contain: 1 person

Eric lives in central Pennsylvania with his gorgeous wife and daughter. He writes to get the stories out of his head.

When he’s being a fan he helps run Watch The Skies and assists in the publication of their monthly fanzine. He can be found (at least some of the time) at The Pretend Blog.

When not working on those things, Eric enjoys the occasional video or board game and is an old school role player.

Eric, thanks for agreeing to be here today. Most interviews start off with bios and such, and while I’ll get to that as always, let’s start with the important stuff!

If you could have any pet (real/fantasy/no-allergies/no worries about feeding it) what would it be?

Ah… pets. I am not a…

View original post 1,094 more words


This weekend is Philcon, for the first time in forever, our last convention of the year. We will again be having a launch party in the Con Suite so mark that in your calendars. We’ve been cooking since last month 🙂 Available schedules are below.

2019-11-05 14.03.55
Homemade Ginger KICK! Ginger Ale
2019-11-05 13.32.23
Some of our raffle prizes for the eSpec Books Launch Party









Danielle Ackley-McPhail

We talk a lot about ways to sell your novel, but what happens after your novel sells? A discussion of debut author questions, issues, opportunities, and challenges

Sat 12:00 PM in Crystal Ballroom Two – ASK A SMALL PUBLISHER

What do you want to know about getting into the world of publishing? Here’s a chance to ask the pros what they suggest

Sat 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM in Executive Suite 823 – ESPEC BOOKS LAUNCH PARTY
eSpec Books invites you to join us in the Con Suite to celebrate their 2019 releases. There will be food, fun, authors, and prizes

Sat 10:00 PM in Plaza II – MEET THE EDITORS!

Magazine and small press editors discuss what goes into creating their publications, from the economics of staying viable in the electronic age to getting appropriate submissions

Sun 1:00 PM in Crystal Ballroom Two – BOOK LAYOUT AND DESIGN FOR BEGINNERS

Whether you’re working in the literary profession, creating a family history book, or putting together your own cookbook, you’ll have a much better result by learning the basics


Katrina S. Forest (mod), Robert E. Waters, Danielle Ackley-McPhail

Mike McPhail


Common (and not-so-common) mistakes to avoid while approaching publishers


Book covers? Magazine illustrations? Art shows? Commissions? Prints and posters? How does an artist make money in a genre art field

Sat 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM in Executive Suite 823 – ESPEC BOOKS LAUNCH PARTY

eSpec Books invites you to join us in the Con Suite to celebrate their 2019 releases. There will be food, fun, authors, and prizes

Sat 10:00 PM in Plaza II – MEET THE EDITORS!

Magazine and small press editors discuss what goes into creating their publications, from the economics of staying viable in the electronic age to getting appropriate submissions

Robert E. Waters

Sat 10:00 AM in Crystal Ballroom Three—My Favorite Books

Authors talk about their own literary influences and the works that inspired them to become writers.

Sat 11:00 AM in Executive Suite 923—Writing Branching Narratives for Game Play (3609)

What different considerations do you have to make when creating a story that needs to have multiple middles and possible endings?

Sun 12:00 PM in Crystal Ballroom Two—How Far Can You Suspend Someone’s Disbelief? 

How much can you ask a reader to take on faith before they can’t take your story seriously anymore? Are there ways to get readers willing to accept more challenging changes and assumptions? What authors have succeeded at pushing the boundaries without pushing their readers out of the story?

Sun 2:00 PM in Executive Suite 623—Readings: Katrina Forest, Robert E. Waters, Danielle Ackley-McPhail 

Keith R.A. DeCandido

Schedule available on his blog.


Not going to Philcon? Megan Mackie will be at Grand Rapids ComiCon the same weekend!