About eSpec Books

We are an independent publishing house drawing on decades of experience in the industry to produce quality speculative fiction in both print and digital format. It is our goal to bring to light new and original works from both established talents and bright new voices in the industry. 

Our list includes over one hundred titles under four imprints, representing a hundred authors:

Logo-eSpec-Black Title Page

Our primary imprint under which we publish all titles that do not fit
under one of the below specialty imprints.


Our reprint imprint for older titles given new life.
Eventually, this will include special editions of public domain titles.

Black on White Logo-AGM

Our science fiction imprint that focuses on titles set in the Alliance Archives universe.

Logo-NeoParadoxa Title Page

Our Horror and Paranormal imprint, featuring our Systema Paradoxa cryptid series and similar titles.


eSpec Staff 2

Staff from left to right: Greg Schauer (Editor), Ef Deal (Promotions), Mike McPhail (co-founder and Art Director), John French (Editor), and Danielle Ackley-McPhail (co-founder, Editor, and Designer).


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